Family Violence Prevention Fund Essay

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Since 1980, the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) has been pioneering innovative programs to help end domestic and sexual violence. FVPF President Esta Soler first established the organization with a federal grant in 1980. Today, with offices in San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, D.C., and partners around the world, it is a national and international leader on violence against women and children, the source of numerous trailblazing prevention and intervention campaigns, and a major force in shaping public policies that prevent violence and help victims in the United States and worldwide.

The FVPF was instrumental in enacting the landmark Violence Against Women Act, and is well known for its outreach to men and youth and its community-based violence prevention programs. It has helped transform the way health care providers, police, judges, employers, and others address violence against women and children. FVPF model programs, policies, and publications have been distributed to, and replicated in, every state and an increasing number of countries.


Because sometimes the only messages boys get are the wrong ones, in 2003 the FVPF and the Advertising Council launched a campaign to encourage men to teach boys that violence against women is wrong. Coaching Boys Into Men includes television, radio, and print public service announcements, and numerous resources.

Supported by distinguished CEOs, professional athletes, entertainers, coaches, and others, the FVPF’s Founding Fathers campaign is mobilizing men to teach the next generation to treat women and girls with honor and respect, and to teach boys that violence does not equal strength. It gives men tools to make change in their homes, communities, and workplaces.

The FVPF’s highly successful Health Care Initiative is teaching providers to inquire about whether their patients have been exposed to violence, and to offer help to patients who need it. The FVPF is the nation’s Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence—the only federally funded clearinghouse helping health care providers improve their response to family and sexual violence.

The FVPF’s National Judicial Institute is providing judges with guidelines, education, and materials to ensure that their courtrooms provide real help to victims of family violence.

Its Children’s Initiative is working with domestic violence and batterer intervention programs, child welfare agencies, and community organizers to build collaborations that promote safe and healthy families.

Its Workplace Project is a historic collaboration with employers and unions, and offers an online resource kit offering sample workplace domestic violence policies, education and training materials, case studies, resources, and more.

Its Immigrant Women Campaign is expanding services for immigrant victims of violence and mobilizing Americans to press for more humane asylum policies.

Its International Partnerships in China, India, Mexico, and Russia are addressing all forms of violence, including human trafficking.

The FVPF is supported by the Annie E. Casey, Hewlett, Hilton, MacArthur, Packard and Waitt Family Foundations, among others. The Ford Foundation made it one of the few organizations it endows.

The FVPF has won awards from the Sara Lee Foundation and the State Justice Institute, and been named one of Worth magazine’s 100 Best Charities, among many other honors.

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