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Time Warner is the world-leading multimedia conglomerate, with operations in filmed entertainment, broadcast and cable television, Internet services, and print media. The company generated more than US$30 billion in revenues in 2013. Time Warner was built through a series of mergers over more than 80 years.

Time Inc. began in 1922 as a publishing company for Time magazine. Over the years, the company created additional titles such as Fortune, Life, Sports Illustrated, and Money magazines. In 1965, Time entered the cable distribution business; it launched Home Box Office (HBO), a premium cable program network, in 1972. Warner Brothers, a producer of filmed entertainment, was founded in 1923. It was home to the first talking picture, The Jazz Singer, and the production home for the animation studio Looney Tunes.

Warner Bros also became a major producer of recorded music, with Atlantic Records, Elektra Records, and Reprise Records among its many labels. As television became popular in American homes, Warner Bros began producing programming for this medium. It entered the cable television business in 1973. In 1989, Time merged with Warner Communications and the combined company was renamed Time Warner in 1990. This merger created the first vertically integrated media behemoth, mixing the publishing and cable system expertise of Time with the filmed entertainment cords, and Repriseure and television ted the first vertically integrated media behemoth, mixing thntinued to create new magazines and cable networks after the merger, but achieved its most significant growth in 1996 when it acquired the Turner Broadcasting System, home of several major cable networks, including  CNN.

Time Warner s operations today span across the three business divisions: Internet networks; film and TV entertainment; and publishing. Originally created as a purveyor of commercialfree movies, HBO became a leader in prime-time television programming, with shows such as Sex and the City or The Sopranos. Time Warner Cable was the second largest US cable provider in the United States behind Comcast. At the end of 2012, Time Inc. published 21 magazines in print in the US and over 70 magazines outside the US.


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