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The Academy  Awards,  or  Oscars,  annual ceremony is held in the United States of America to  acknowledge achievements  in the  film industry.


The Academy Awards  is the awards  ceremony  of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, founded   by  Louis  B.  Mayer   to  unite   the  five branches   of  the  film  industry—actors, directors, writers,  technicians,  and  producers. The Academy of Motion Picture  Arts and  Sciences is composed of  members   from   across  these  groups   (around 6,000), who are responsible  for voting on nominations for the Academy Awards.

The  first  Academy  Awards,  held  on  May  16, 1929,  was  far  from  the  lengthy  and  extravagant affair that is seen in the present day but, instead, was a private  event held at Hotel  Roosevelt,  where just 15 awards  were presented, with the winners announced 3 months earlier. The first award for Best Actor  was  given  to  Emil  Jannings  for  his  performances in The Last Command (1928) and The Way of All Flesh (1927). This event marked  the beginning of a tradition that would grow to be one of the most prestigious   movie   awards;   by   2015,   the   87th Academy Awards, more than 2,900 Oscars had been awarded.

While there are a number  of awards overseen by the Academy, it is the Academy Award of Merit, or The  Oscars,  that  remains  in the  global  spotlight. The Oscar  trophy, a statuette made of gold-plated britannium, depicts  a knight  rendered  in art  deco style, which stands on top of a roll of film with five spokes,   each   of   which   represent   the   original branches  of  the  film  industry  that  the  Academy was designed to unite: actors, writers, directors, producers, and technicians.

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