Informative Essay Example: Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is one of the nation’s favorite vacation destinations. It’s a 24-hour city where gambling is a loved past-time and dreams of striking it rich can come true. But Las Vegas has many attractions and casino action is just one of them. Las Vegas is the best vacation spot because it offers entertainment for the whole family, unique marriages, and plenty of activities for children.

Because Las Vegas was usually considered a adult city, visitors in the past have often left children at home. However, this desert community now offers many daytime activities for kids. Nearly all of the larger hotels have some form of entertainment for children, and some even offer special supervised children’s programs. Today’s gambling Mecca’s offer an array of activities for the whole family. Contrary to the adult-only atmosphere of the past, Las Vegas now promotes a child-friendly environment that’s hard to resist. Roller coasters, water parks, virtual reality theaters, and an assortment of museums have sprung up across the city of Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, two words spoken as frequently as “hit me” and “double down” are without a doubt, “I do”. Pat from “Las Vegas Weddings” says, “marriage license are issued one every 5 and half minute.” Among the famous who have married in Las Vegas are Elvis and Priscilla Presley, Frank Signature and Mia Farrow, Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wedding vows are taken at drive-up windows, on bungee jumping platforms, boats, in helicopters, and at dozens a wedding chapels. No legal residency is required. Blood test are not needed and there is no waiting period. A 16 year old can even get married with the consent of a parent for only $35 dollars. Andrea 8.@ states,” Marriages is Las Vegas total more than 100,000 per year, due in part to the ease of getting a marriage license.”

After a long day of exploring the diverse offering of Las Vegas, your tired and aching muscles may be screaming out for a relaxing massage, facial, or an herbal wrap. On the other hand, maybe your body is use to a regular workout and your feel guilty about lounging around the pool; or casino all day. Alas, help is on the way! Many of the large resort hotels feature complete spa facilities, including sauna, exercise programs, and gym equipment. Las Vegas is home to nine of the 10 largest resort hotels in the world, top of the list is the 5,000 room MGM Grand Hotel Casino & Theme Park. There are also more hotel rooms here than any other city in the U.S. The 1999 Americans Greatest Vacation Spots says, in 1997, Las Vegas attracted an estimated 31 million visitors, up more than 5 percent from 1996 and figure that just seems to keep growing. With hotels often filled to capacity, the continued growth in and around Las Vegas seems to be unlimited. Hotels such as New York New York, Luxor, and Cesars Palace proved a winning formula in wooing more and more visitors to modern-day Las Vegas.

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