Education Essay Topics

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Education Essay TopicsThis list of education essay topics is intended to provide a comprehensive background for those interested in researching issues involving schools, teaching, and studying. Modern education is an interdisciplinary field, including disciplines (to name just a few) such as history and sociology, as well as topical areas such as globalization and technology. This list consists of more than 100 education essay topics under one or more of the following topical areas:

Arts, Media, and Technology in Education

Adaptive Technology
Aesthetics in Education
Arts Education Policy
Assistive Technology
Digital Divide
Distance Learning
Media Literacy
Multicultural Education
Technologies in Education
Video Games and Learning

Important Figures in Education

Alfred Binet
B. F. Skinner
G. Stanley Hall
Jean Piaget
John Dewey
Lev Vygotsky
Maria Montessori
Noam Chomsky
Pierre Bourdieu
W.E.B. Du Bois

Curriculum in Education

Alternative Schools
Classical Curriculum
Comprehensive High Schools
Cooperative Learning
Critical Thinking
Curriculum Challenges in Schools
Curriculum Theory
Hidden and Null Curriculum
Physical Education in American Schools
Visual Instruction Movement

Economic Issues in Education

Advertising in Schools
Class Size
Commercialization of Schools
Company-Sponsored Schooling
Economic Inequality
Educational Philanthropy
Fundraising in Schools
School Funding
State Role in Education
Vending Machines in Schools

Equality and Social Stratification in Education

Achievement Gap
Affirmative Action
Culture-Fair Testing
Discrimination and Prejudice
Economic Inequality
English-Only Movement
Human Rights Education
School Choice
Tracking and Detracking
White Privilege

Evaluation, Testing, and Research Methods in Education

Achievement Tests
Authentic Assessment
Educational Indicators
Hawthorne Effect
High-Stakes Testing
Intelligence Testing
Mixed Methods Research
No Child Left Behind Act
Pygmalion Effect
Standardized Testing

History of Education

Activist Teachers
After-School Education
American Education
Catholic Education
Compensatory Education
Desegregation Academies
Family Literacy
History of Education
History of Libraries
Schools of Education

Law and Public Policy in Education

Academic Freedom
Antiracist Education
Arts Education Policy
Brown v. Board of Education
Church and State
Corporal Punishment
Equal Access Act
Pledge of Allegiance
Politics of Education
School Law

Multiculturalism and Special Populations in Education

Adult Education and Literacy
African American Education
Black English Vernacular
Globalization and Education
Hispanic Education
Immigrant Education
Multicultural Education
Prison Education
Rural Education
Special Education

Educational Organizations, Schools, and Institutions

American Federation of Teachers
Boards of Education
Boy Scouts of America
Charter Schools
Education Commission of the States
Girl Scouts of America
National Education Association
Rural and One-Room Schools
U.S. Department of Education

Religion and Social Values in Education

Ecojustice and Social Justice
Ethical Issues and School Athletics
Ethics and Education
Gangs in Schools
Hate Crimes in Schools
Ideology and Schooling
Religion in the Public School Curriculum
Religious Fundamentalism and Public Education
Spirituality and Schooling
Violence in Schools

School Governance Essay Topics

Dress Codes
Rights of Students
Rights of Teachers
School Governance
Surveillance in Schools

Sexuality and Gender in Education

Abstinence-Only Sexual Education
Compulsory Heterosexuality
Declarations on Women’s Rights
Feminist Theory in Education
Gender and School Violence
Homophobia and Schools
Sex Education
Sexuality, Gender, and Education
Single-Sex Education
Stereotypes of Teachers

Teachers and Teaching Essay Topics

Activist Teachers
History of Teaching Profession
Images of Teachers in Popular Culture
Professional Status of Teachers
Teacher Alienation and Burnout
Teacher Beliefs About Students
Teacher Certification
Teacher Preparation
Teacher Recruitment
Teacher Satisfaction

Theories and Philosophy of Education

Chaos Theory
Complexity Theory
Critical Race Theory
Critical Theory
Culture Epoch Theory
Educational Transfer
Holistic Education
Performance Theory
Philosophy of Education
Waldorf Education

In creating this list of education essay topics and example essays, sixteen disciplinary and conceptual areas upon which the field is largely based were identified. These include disciplinary areas such as curriculum in education, educational policy and law, theories of education, the history of education, and the philosophy of education. Topical areas include cultural studies and education, ecojustice education and cultural studies, globalization and education, multiculturalism, policy studies, and technologies in education. Many of the topics overlap. Some represent emerging areas that are important to the field such as cultural studies, globalization and education, ecojustice, and technologies in education. Others are more traditional and have a longer history such as the history of education and the philosophy of education. Arguments could be made for including additional areas or for precluding some of the topics that have been included.


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