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Mitsubishi  UFJ  Financial  Group  is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; its main business areas are banking and securities. As of September 30, 2007, it included 44 affiliated companies and 525 consolidated subsidiaries with 47,124 employees (BTMU, MUTB, MUS) and 78,300 employees worldwide. It reported  gross profits of 3.512 trillion Japanese yen and net income of 636.6 billion Japanese yen as of March 31, 2008.

The Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) was founded  in October  2005 with  the  merger  of two holding groups: Mitsubishi  Tokyo Financial Group (MTFG) and UFJ Holdings  (UFJH). It is a diversified comprehensive  financial services group  offering a wide range of services in retail, corporate,  and securities. The bank’s origins date back to 1870 with the establishment  of Mitsubishi  by Yataro Iwasaki. Its financial arm, the Mitsubishi Bank, was founded in 1919.

In 2001 the  Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi  Ltd., the Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation, and Nippon  Trust  Bank Ltd. created  MTFG through  a share transfer. That same year, Sanwa Bank Ltd., the Tokai Bank Ltd., and the Toyo Trust and Banking Co. Ltd. created  UFJH through  a share transfer. MUFG is the holding company  of three  entities:  the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi  UFJ Ltd. (BTMU, established in 2006); Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation  (MUTB); and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co., Ltd. (MUS). In 2007 MUFG created Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance and Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos to manage real estate financing and the like and credit card services, respectively.

BTMU has it origins in the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (a 1996 merger between the Bank of Tokyo Ltd. (BOT) and the Mitsubishi  Bank) and the UFJ Bank Ltd. (a 2002 merger between the Sanwa Bank Ltd. and the Tokai Bank Ltd.). In Japanese, the bank is called Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ, indicating that Mitsubishi  is the  strongest  entity,  although  BOT had become Japan’s leading foreign exchange bank with 10  times  as  many  foreign  branches  as  domestic. BOT and  Mitsubishi  Bank both  developed  strong relationships  with what became the Union Bank of California, now part of MUFG.

MUTB was created by a merger between the Mitsubishi Trust  and Banking Corporation and the UFJ Trust  Bank  Ltd.  The  Mitsubishi  Trust  and  Banking Corporation was formed  as a result of a merger between  Nippon  Trust  Bank Ltd. and  Tokyo  Trust Bank Ltd. The UFJ Trust Bank Ltd. was the name given to the former Toyo Trust and Banking Co. in 2002.

MUS is a result of a merger  between Mitsubishi Securities Co., Ltd., and UFJ Tsubasa Securities Co., Ltd., the latter of which had become a wholly-owned subsidiary of UFJH in 2004. In 2002 Mitsubishi Securities Co., Ltd., was created  through  the merger  of Tokyo-Mitsubishi  Securities  Co., Ltd., Tokyo-Mitsubishi Personal Securities Co., Ltd., Kokusai Securities Co., Ltd., and Issei Securities Co., Ltd.

MUFG positions itself as an integrated group transcending traditional business boundaries in three core business areas: retail, corporate  (handled  mainly by BTMU), trust assets, i.e., asset management  (handled mainly by MUTB), and asset administration (handled mainly by MUS). The group targets expansion especially through the retail side through the provision of a global standard of services, products and advice, and excellence in security and compliance. Retail is essential  to  building  the  group’s portfolio  for  sustained growth. In corporate,  the group targets include positioning  itself as a key financial services provider  to large firms while being a lead bank for Japanese small and medium-sized companies. MUFG positions itself globally as one of the world’s top five financial institutions. In trust assets, the group’s target is to be number one in Japan in both size and quality of service.

Nobuo  Kuroyanagi is the  current  president  and chief executive officer of MUFG, beginning his banking career at the Mitsubishi Bank in 1965. Ryosuke Tamakoshi,  who became chairman  of MUFG at its establishment  in 2005, was president and chief executive officer of UFJ Holdings Ltd., the successor of Sanwa Bank Ltd., where he began his career. Haruya Uehara, deputy chairman of MUFG and president of MUTB, began his banking career with the Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation in 1969.

MUFG aims to be a global financial group, and has extended its overseas network to over 40 countries, ranking them first among Japanese banks. Their largest overseas subsidiary is the Union Bank of California. Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International (MUSI) was established  in 1983 in England and  Wales. In 1990 the BTMU Capital Corporation was created in London  and Boston. Other  MUFG subsidiaries are in the United  States, the Netherlands,  the Cayman Islands, and Canada.


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