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Sony is a leading global producer of consumer electronic equipment. Principal products include, among many others, home and portable audio, video cameras, digital cameras, Aiwa products, and home and portable gaming systems. Sony is also a producer of media content including recorded music and motion pictures. Sony had revenues of approximately US$72 billion in 2013 and operations in 200 countries worldwide. Sony business divisions include electronics, games, pictures, and financial services.

Sony was established in Tokyo, Japan, in May 1946 as an electronics company, making its reputation for innovation starting with the first alltransistor radio in 1954. Over the decades, Sony became an international company, establishing divisions around the world including in the United States, Britain, and Germany. The company continued to innovate, with the Trinitron television introduced in 1968 and the Betamax VCR in 1975, the Sony Walkman in 1979, the first CD player in 1982, and the first consumer camcorder in 1983.

Moving beyond its machine-based roots, the company began acquiring content providers in the late 1980s. The first acquisition was CBS Records, which was purchased in 1988. The following year, Sony acquired the long-running  Hollywood film studio Columbia Pictures Entertainment. In 1991, these two companies were renamed Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., respectively. In the 1990s, Sony made its entry into the  video game industry through collaboration with Nintendo. That partnership was unsuccessful, however, and Sony began developing its own gaming system, which would become the first PlayStation, launched in 1995.

Sony Corporation develops, designs, manufactures, and sells electronic equipment and consumer entertainment in seven main areas: electronics, video and online games, music, movies, television, robots, and internet services and applications. Product names produced by Sony include Vaio, Trinitron, Bravia, and Handicam. Sony also offers financial services such as insurance.


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