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There is relatively little research on strategies and policies to reduce workplace violence. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has developed a number of prevention strategies primarily for Type I and Type II workplace violence.

Environmental Designs

This strategy includes making accessible small amounts of cash, locked drop safes, and exploring the feasibility of cashless transaction using debit or account cards. Among other features, NIOSH suggests the use of bullet-resistant barriers for high-risk targets, closed circuit cameras, alarms, and body armor.

Administrative Controls

Administrative controls include increasing the number of staff in service and retail businesses, using security guards to monitor more closely the opening and closing of businesses, especially during money drops and pickups, and the movement of employees in and out of the business establishment during regular business hours.

Screening And Selection

One of the most effective ways to prevent workplace violence is to identify offenders during the application process. However, it is not an easy task to accomplish because many organizations do not provide information on violent propensities for fear of lawsuits.

Policies And Procedures

There should be an overall policy that no violence of any type will be tolerated. Organizations should provide an atmosphere of open communication with their employees so that they do not take personal actions to solve their problems.

Training For Supervisors And Employees

Both supervisors and employees should be trained to recognize warning signs of violence in others. In addition, both groups should be trained to know what to do in the event of workplace violence.

Employee Assistance Programs

Another way of preventing violence is through offering counseling services to employees. Although Outplacement Services

Employees who have been released from organizations for workplace violence need to be helped to find other employment. Failure to help a person who feels he or she has been unjustly dismissed may lead to further violence.


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