Narrative Essay Example: Slumber Party

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Thump-thump, breathe thump-thump, breath. My heart beat as if it was pounding out through my brain; I tried to catch my breath. I heard footsteps coming up behind me like an elephant chasing at my heels. A scream pierced my ears and echoed many times in my mind. My thoughts raced from one thing to another. After locking the door, the four of us clinched in a corner for nearly an hour.

My day had begun normal. I remember I woke up, went to school and found myself with my friends that afternoon. My company was five of my closest pals; Becky, Alex, Meredith, Lee, and my boyfriend Cody. We all had hung out many times before and knew each other well. For most of the evening, we sat around telling horror stories and gossiping about classmates. Time passed quickly and soon, it was time to head home.

The girls were all planning a slumber party at Becky’s. Her parents had gone out of town for the weekend, and she was not willing to stay alone. We began our evening of leisure by getting into our P.J s, and returning to our scary stories. Before realizing it, another hour had passed. All the stories must have gotten to us because before we went upstairs we made sure every light was on in the house.

The hair on the back of my neck began to rise as we listened to the cold aching silence. In the distance we listened to three loud car horns and a door slam. We, then, jumped away from the window and started down the stairs. Half way down the stairs, we stopped dead in our tracks. The roof began to rattle as if someone was climbing across it.

Our pulses raced as we flew down the remainder of the stairs. Thump-thump, breath. We huddled together in the kitchen. For our safety, we gathered a sharp knife and a phone. We came up with explanations to relieve our minds deciding that the horn was a neighbor and the thump on the roof was the cat. Calming our thoughts down, we relaxed into a group, sitting on the counter.

We laughed at the fools we had been, and grew quiet as we heard several car doors slamming, again. Silently staring at one another our eyes grew wide as we hesitated to jump. Alex tried to explain “It’s just the neighbors.” We sighed in relief that someone had broken the silence. At last, we developed the strength to start back up the stairs. This time we made it past the bottom half of the stairs where we could see out the window. Becky, who was leading the pack, screamed. The rest of us had not reached the section of the stairs to see out the window. I was next in line as I leaned to see what was happening. I looked out to see our cars in the driveway, headlights shining.

We turned and bolted to the bottom of the stairs. We climbed over one another to reach the security of the bathroom. All four of us flung our bodies against the door as we slammed and locked it tightly. Becky began to cry, taking short sharp breaths that caused her to shake rapidly. Thump-thump, breath I sat thump-thump, breathe to catch my air. Alex grabbed the phone from Becky’s hand and swiftly dialed 9-1-1. When the operator began to speak, Alex lunged the phone into Becky’s shaking hands. Becky took the phone, not realizing what was going on, and hung it up. Meredith and I stood blocking the door in disbelief of our situation. I felt anxious, listening to Becky weep, tears rolling down her face. The phone rang. In horror, we all jumped, as we looked at the phone, debating in our minds who would pick it up. I looked as Becky picked up the phone and hesitantly answered “Hello?” We all waited for Becky’s reaction to the caller. She let out a sigh of relief letting us know it was the 9-1-1 operator.

Becky stayed on the phone with the operator, who calmed her down for nearly a half an hour. We did not hear anything for a short time, but we could not leave the bathroom because we were still waiting for the cops to arrive. Suddenly, it began again and we heard loud bangs on the side of the house. As walls began to rattle, Becky screeched and tears returned to her eyes. The doorbell began to ring and my heartbeat grew. I was so mad the thump-thump, breathe returned roaring out of my chest. The cops had not arrived and everything started to blur in my mind. The operator said the cops were outside but not to let them in until they did a “code knock.” We waited, listening to everything that happened outside the door that concealed us so tightly.

Banging started again, this time with voices. Voices that sounded panicked and demanding. For a moment we hesitated then recognized the voices. It was Cody and Lee at the back door. Rage flowed through my body as we flung open the bathroom door and the four of us ran out, like a football team ready to play tough defense. The thump-thump, breathe began to settle as we opened the back door and let them in. They ran in and locked the door behind them. We yelled at them sternly as we noticed the cops sitting outside. Opening the door, we apologized to the cops many times. The cops asked the boys to step outside, asking Becky if she wished to press charges.

Without hesitation, Becky said “no” and the cops drove away. They left us with a bit of advice; they said “Lay these boys down and kick them several times.” We all laughed, but the guys knew this was a definite possibility!

The guys came inside where we talked for many hours about a joke they thought was so funny. When discussing, the girls noticed how everything fell into place. Such as the guys getting to the house before us and Becky thinking she unlocked her gate, which wasn’t really locked. When the guys left we made fun of each others reaction to the incident. Talking about how we should have turned out some of the lights. The guys had informed us that they saw our every move the whole night. Even though we knew what the boys had done we still had problems sleeping through the night. We thought, what if someone came after the guys had gone home. We would just assume it was the guys again and not take the proper precautions needed. I cannot believe we had such a scary night. Now every time we are home alone we laugh about our naivety during the incident. Although we still lock all the doors and shut off all the lights!

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